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Some simple but important and in some cases mandatory procedures you will be required to go through upon arrival to Spain, purchasing a real estate, receiving a mortgage or setting up a business.
By getting in touch with us, you will receive full and comprehensive information on every individual step you are taking, we will also be happy to prepare everything for you and to assist you in going through it all in a quick and easy manner.
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Receiving a NIE and a NON-residence Certificate

NIE is a foreigner’s identification number that serves for the purpose of identification of foreign nationals in Spain. An exclusive personal identification number is assigned to all foreigners who are in one way or another associated with Spain with economic, professional and social ties. You will require this number to open a bank account, to purchase a real estate, to register with a tax authority, to register and set up a company, to receive a mortgage, to meet your tax obligations, and to carry out numerous other official transactions in the territory of the country.
NON-residence Certificate (Certificado de NO residente) – it is a statement acknowledging the status of a foreign national in Spain. You might need this certificate to open a bank account or to apply for a mortgage, and for the purpose of avoiding dual taxation.

Opening a Bank Account in Spain

On arrival to Spain, you will need to open a bank account with a local Spanish bank so that you can purchase a Spanish insurance policy, make utility bill payments, conduct real estate purchase transactions, pay your tuition fees, pay for any courses, sports clubs and many other services, given that cash payments in Europe are declining and non-cash transactions prevail. We can select a bank for you, prepare all required documents for the opening of a bank account and correct management of your bank account.

Taking out a Health Insurance Policy

Having no job or other ways to gain access to the free health insurance, you will be required to take out a private health insurance policy in Spain. An insurance policy must be purchased from an accredited Spanish insurance company. We cooperate with one of the largest insurance companies in the country and we are ready to help you to take out a health insurance policy both on the best and most favourable terms, and for a specific type of residence. Our agent is a Russian speaker and he can provide you with comprehensive information on all types of insurance policies and help you to understand all twists and turns of the private insurance healthcare.

Applying for Permission to Return (Autorización de regreso)

Permission to Return (Autorización de regreso) is issued if you ever need to depart from Spain while your residence permit is being renewed or, when you first apply for a residence permit in Spain, a resident card is in the process of production (after you have given your fingerprints). This document is issued by an agency of the immigration service or a police department for foreign matters and it is valid only for crossing of the Spanish border.

Translation Services

Official certified translations, unofficial translations, interpreting, accompanying you to meetings and to public authorities. We will be happy to provide you with an interpreter/ a translator where and whenever you may need one. Please be aware that the cost of our services depends on the language, volume, complexity of your translation and the required speed of delivery.