Residence Permit in Spain

- comfortable life in a developed European country.

Nowadays more and more foreign nationals start thinking of immigrating to Spain. Spanish law provides for different types of residence permits: without entitlement to work, for capital investors, for those seeking to study in Spain, through marriage with a Spanish national, by settlement, etc.
Residence (residencia in Spanish), or a residence permit, allows you to stay, move around and reside in the territory of Spain legally, and it also gives you the freedom of movement within the EU.
We will introduce you to different types of residence permits in Spain, tell you about the procedure of applying for them, we will also discuss all peculiarities of this process and help you to prepare for moving to Spain.
The most frequently asked for types of residence in Spain:

Where to start?

Taking a decision to move

  • Assessing all benefits and implications of living in the country
  • Selecting a type of residence permit
  • Developing an individual plan of moving to Spain
  • Discussing all pros and cons
  • Calculating and breaking down your budget
  • Taking a decision

What next?


  • Applying for a NIE (foreigner identification number)
  • Opening a bank account at a Spanish bank
  • Taking out an insurance policy
  • Purchasing or renting a property
  • Translating documents into Spanish
  • Preparing a collection of documents in order to apply for a residence permit

Is that all?

In Spain

  • Registering as a resident at your address
  • Applying for a resident card
    We will also assist you:
  • To extend or to modify your residence permit
  • To receive a permit to return
  • To prepare a complaint or to lodge an appeal in the event of a refusal to give or to renew the residency status
  • To set up and to register a company
We also provide the «Set of Documents Checking» service. Have you collected all your documents on your own? Are you not sure that everything you have is prepared correctly? We can help you! We will check your collection of documents and show you the shortages.